A more comfortable chair

Posted on 12 June 2006 by Rachel Andrew


If you are reading this article then, all being well, you are also looking at the shiny new edgeofmyseat.com website and identity. The design and new logo created for us by the wonderful Jon Hicks of hicksdesign.

When we work with our clients we often have to steer them in a different direction to that which they had initially envisaged based on our experience and expertise. When I asked Jon Hicks if he would redesign the edgeofmyseat.com website, we hadn’t considered a rebranding exercise. However when he advised that the existing logo wasn’t really fitting with our aims for the redesign, we were happy to take his advice and I love the new chair – it seems far more robust than the wobbly Sunday School chair of the previous branding.

One of my aims in the redesign was to deal with the legacy articles that exist on this site. I don’t want to remove older content dealing with such issues as standards compliancy in Dreamweaver 4 as people are still using this software, and we still get emails from people for whom this content is relevant. Hopefully the new blog style format – which is running on Wordpress – will help to clarify the dates of older content, and that the advice may be a little on the old side! I also want to be able to add more of this style of content to the site, content of interest to the people and companies that we work with – so watch this space!

This redesign is still something of a work in progress, one of the issues with the old site was the lack of case studies and information about the work we have done. Some case studies should be published here over the coming weeks and there are still elements of Jon’s design that need to be implemented across the site, however I wanted to get this live, get some feedback and be able to take the site forward sat in my nice comfortable new seat.