Perch is 2 - plus a brand new Pages app

Posted on 31 May 2011 by Rachel Andrew


We launched our CMS product, Perch on May 31st 2009, so Perch is now two years old!

Perch continues to become more powerful while staying nice and simple to use. We’ve added features like drafts, preview and undo, Google maps built right in, and a powerful add-on system. Add-ons for Perch are free, and include things like WYSIWYG editors, a blog, image gallery, events calendar and an app for adding and managing new pages. Many of the features we have added since launch have suggested by our vibrant community of designers, developers and even end clients.

The Pages app – allowing users to create new pages from within the Perch interface has been completely revamped for release today. Now included is dynamic navigation and the ability for the designer to specify and existing page to copy the regions from – meaning that the client doesn’t need to select what template to use for each region before adding content to their new page.

This app is a complete rewrite of Pages to add the functionality you asked for yet is free to license owners – as with all our official apps. You can download the app or watch a video tutorial showing how to install and use the Pages app so you can see how it works before installing it.